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Dedicated to the cars exhibited at the Salone Internazionale dell'Automobile di Torino. It was the first automobile exhibition organized in Italy, the main one also in the following years and among the main ones in the world thanks to the involvement of the Italian industry and the great coachbuilders.

It is a unique project and the first of its kind: its aim is to document all the cars displayed at every edition of the motor show between 1900 and 2000. Each car featured, that took part to the Salone Internazionale dell'Automobile di Torino from 1900 to 2000, is presented with the list of editions where it was shown. To conclude, a separate list comprehends the categories of the car according to AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES.

The first of the series is dedicated to 45 cars that were exhibited at the Salone, shown through more than 250 images and documents.

Entirely written in English and generously sized at 250 x 325 mm, it will be published in Italy with over 350 high quality pages.