The MONOGRAPHIC CHASSIS BOOKS are edited by AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES. Among the activities of AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES as a publisher, one is dedicated to the drafting of monographic books which are also part of the CHASSIS series. They are dedicated to and examine a single, specific chassis and are a work that is the natural consequence of our historical research. They are created in chronological order and, preceded by the highlights of the car, they examine both the general history of the model, with data sheets and chassis numbers, and the specific history of the specimen, followed by an expansion of the various points that make it up, such as: owners’ bio, drivers’ bio, if any, history details in chronological order with as many found images as possible. The MONOGRAPHIC CHASSIS BOOKS have become feasible thanks to the current possibility offered by digital printing which allows for limited editions (for collections, museums, private individuals) and editions for specialized bookshops. Made with the aim of being a quality and reference product, the MONOGRAPHIC CHASSIS BOOKS are custom made.