The project begins with a series dedicated to the cars that raced the Mille Miglia: the MILLE MIGLIA’S CHASSIS - The Ultimate Opus. The most beautiful race in the world through half of Italy!

It is an ambitious project and the first of its kind: its aim is to document all the cars which participated at every edition of the original race between 1927 and 1957. Each car featured that took part to the Mille Miglia from 1927 to 1957 is presented with two lists: one about all the Mille Miglia speed races in which it took part, a second one of following events under the Mille Miglia name. To conclude, a third separate list comprehends the categories of the car according to AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES. Moreover, the cars that participated from 1958 to the events in the name of the Mille Miglia appear in another section of the book.

Entirely written in English and generously sized at 250 x 325 mm, they are published in Italy with over 350 high quality pages.

MILLE MIGLIA’S CHASSIS plans the survey of around 500 surviving cars that ran the Mille Miglia, developed in a series of 10 volumes. 

The 2nd edition of the books will be re-organized by the historical ages and updated with the new researches, and collected in a box set hopefully ready for the centennial of the race.

Collecting participation fees and book orders represent for us the major, necessary way to make our beautiful projects sustainable.