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We love the heritage of the car and we couldn’t conceive of undertaking our activity and its philosophy without starting from Historical Research. We went a step further to reach a higher level of research, going deeper and deeper in our search,  maintaining the maximum accuracy and transparency. Historical research  is our “core activity”, the fulcrum and the basis on which to create tools that we are in the process of developing or those that we propose to develop: reports, websites, books, exhibitions, summits - means of extending and sharing the knowledge acquired through research.
The research begins from the material possessed by the owner and has the aim to reconstruct the past and recent history of the car.
The activity will include:
- Reordering, classification and digitization of existing material and found during the following research activity;
- Defining the sequence of owners and events;
- Research at photo and video archives;
- Research at documentation archives (Events, newspapers and magazines, etc.);
- Research at registers, experts, ex-owners, drivers, restorers, etc. who may have information;

During the historical research process, the on-line publication of the car’s web site is an essential part since it helps the finding of information / contacts from those who follow the project assiduously.

The result of the research will be summarized in a document with a proposal to acquire a paper copy for personal use of, for example, photographs, documents, magazines, books, badges, etc. present in different archives consulted. The proposal will also indicate the possibility of a license for publication on the web. The owner will choose whether to buy all the proposed material or choose individual references.
€ 2000 + VAT if due

To include a car in a book of the CHASSIS BOOKS series, an additional fee of 1000 euros is required which includes 10 numbered and signed copies at a cost of 100 euros each instead of 300 euros.
€ 1000 + 4% VAT
Shipping is excluded.

For MILLE MIGLIA'S CHASSIS - Volume III, the invoice will be issued, for the other volumes we collect the orders and we will issue the invoices only to confirm the volume.